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Digital Content Production

Videos, Graphics, Audio. The new way to market your business.

Thanks to social media, your business now has it’s own voice. You can now use content to connect with your customers better than ever before.


Use digital content marketing to reach a significantly wider audience and grow your business. Do you have an idea for video, graphics or even a podcast? Let’s team up and make content work for you.

Social Media Packages

Let us manage your social media at an affordable price.

Maybe you want to be putting out two videos on Facebook a month? Maybe you want to run a regular competition and you need eye-catching design work produced every week?


We can help increase your engagement online, which is proven to drive sales and ultimately grow your business.

Web Design

Your website defines your brand, make sure it reflects your quality.

Do you think your website is looking out-dated? Social Eleven can build your business a brand new website, regardless of it’s size.


We’ll come and meet you, find out exactly what you want and make your vision a reality, all at an incredibly affordable price.


We can even help with your web hosting and domain name, leaving you to focus on the rest of your business.

Consultancy & Coaching

Want to manage your digital yourself? Let us help.

Let us help you and your team produce social content successfully. We can teach video skills using equipment you already have, graphic design techniques, understanding social media analytics and give advice on what you’re doing well, and where you can improve.


Our consultancy and coaching sessions are affordable and completely tailored to your business’ needs.